About Us


Black In The World narrates the stories of the accomplishments of people of color in every continent. It encompasses the unique black experience as it pertains to business, economics, race, politics, media, art and culture.  Black In The World aims to expose, educate, and uplift by sharing the history and valuable contributions of blacks in the world.


Carol Frazer Haynesworth is a marketing executive, executive producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and published author. Founder of Black In The World.

Carol Frazer Haynesworth is the founder of Black In The World.  Since an early age she traveled abroad extensively and observed that there was a meaningful knowledge gap regarding the existence and contributions of people of color around the world. She decided to pursue a career that would bridge that gap, share those unique perspectives, and now is creating a platform to properly archive these stories of accomplishment. Her professional life began as an executive for Time Warner. Throughout her professional life she has also led marketing initiatives for Fisher-Price Brands/Mattel, Meredith Corporation, The Economist and most recently Teach For America. Haynesworth is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and published author of the acclaimed Coauthor of Your Great Destiny.

Flourish & Bloom Entertainment (FBE), Haynesworth, is the founder of a premiere management agency for non-profits, talent booking agency and production company. She has successfully led the Board of Directors of the Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopes Foundation, and Usher’s New Look Foundation NY. FBE serves as a  talent booking agency for CNN, Headline News and TruTV.

A proud supporter of UNICEF, VH1 Save the Music, and Advisory board member for the National Museum of Hip Hop and The Sojourner Truth Legacy Project under the leadership of the congresswomen members of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Under the tutelage of the Ford Foundation she serves as Co-Founder of the International Governance Alliance in Uganda.


Team Members

Nia Alvarez-Mapp

Community And Events Director

Nia Alvarez-Mapp, a Native New Yorker and born optimist, one of the Founding members of Black Lives Matter, an organization of scholar activist that organize and strategize marches including traveling to Ferguson, MO. At 17 years old, being their youngest member . Her activism began at age 9, as a young journalist for a children’s organization called Children Pressline. During the summer of 2007, she was part of an award winning team for an article in the New York Daily News about a Men’s shelter near an elementary school. In 2008, she was selected to be a part of the team that covered the historic Democratic and Republican Convention making her the youngest reporter at both conventions. As a member of DAIS (Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students) she has been a member of the executive board as well as a facilitator in their Annual conferences. In 2014 she taught English/creative writing at a summer program in Rwanda called Turi Kumwe.June,2016 participated as a delegate at the Noble peace prize forum. She has recently been working as an event coordinating intern for Hi-art’s DC Hip-Hop Theater Festival which featured events like Brave New Voices hosted by recent Tony Winner Daveed Diggs

Why you decided to join Black In The World?
Before even being born my family knew I would be born black because they are black and their family before them. With that in my mind my parents raised me to show that my black is beautiful from the actors I see to the doctors I visit. They wanted me to see that being black is not monolithic and there are different types of black all over. As I grew older I realize other do not have a family like mine. Which is why Black In The World in the world is important. This shows the culturally diversity of what it means to be black not only in America but globally.

Dyna Martinez

Director of Research

Dyna Martinez is a student at Indiana University-Purdue University where she is earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biophysics and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science. Dyna has been very active in the political atmosphere in her city of Indianapolis. She has volunteered for a couple of political campaigns. She participated in her High School’s Model United Nations team where she was President and Fundraising Chair. She also was on her School’s We The People team, where she learned how to take part of her civic duty. At her State’s We the People Competition, her specific unit team earned highest honors.
Why Did you Join Black in the World?
“I joined Black in the World because I believe it is an important organization. I live in the Midwest, where there is not much diversity. When I tell people that I am Hispanic, many are in shock. They ask me questions like, “If you’re Hispanic, why are you Black?”. I also live in a predominately White area. I think it is important to speak about accomplished people of color because it highlights the great things the community is doing. We live in times where there is so much violence surrounding the Black Community. We should highlight those who are doing such great things for the community, and I am glad to be a part of that.”